The purpose of this educational website is to provide easy access to marketing information for small-scale farmers who want to develop the skills needed to sell to local restaurants and for chefs who want to use local, sustainably grown food.
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“On the face of it, any attempt to create a regional, small-farm based, decentralized, product-diverse food system seems to fly in the face of conventional business wisdom. Distribution systems, farm equipment, marketing costs, and access to shelf-space in supermarkets and restaurant coolers all favor large-scale, specialized production. Why fight so hard to get upstream? Why not let the current pull us effortlessly along?
One answer might be a love of good food, the desire to save open space and habitat for wildlife, environmental concerns, interest in keeping a broad economic base, a love of farming, a desire to participate in community life that values relationships, and a show of gratitude for the people who grow our food. Those desires unite us in a common goal to save local agriculture and preserve the family farm.”

- Mark Mulcahy

Specialty Topics
The Farmers and Chefs title pages provide monthly specialty topics for each profession as well as a brief description of submenus - basic topics designed to facilitate
collaboration between food growers and food buyers.
For Educators
and local food system coordinators, look under Resources: For Organizers to find links to workshop planning guides and under About Us for a history of the Farmer Chef Connection project in SE Wisconsin.