Here are inspirational stories of small farms that have succeeded in selling to restaurants.

Real Food article in Mother Earth
From Farms to Five-Stars
Mother Earth News
Snug Haven Farm and Homegrown Wisconsin are included in this discussion of local sourcing by members of the national Chefs Collaborative.
From Farms to Five-Stars // from Mother Earth News

Selling to Restaurants

Profiles from around the U.S. show how farmers and chefs are connecting to use and promote locally grown produce. They highlight advantages and disadvantages and share ideas for success.
Profiled in this PDF:
Selling to Restaurants

Snug Haven’s Winter Home for Spinach
Organic Broadcaster
This Wisconsin farm’s specialty is spinach grown in hoophouses over the winter and sold at a premium price to Chicago restaurants.
Snug Haven's Winter Home for Spinach

Willow Creek farm home page
Willow Creek Farm
Raising free range purebred Berkshire pork in the Baraboo Hills, Sue and Tony Renger have had notable success in selling to discriminating restaurateurs, retail and farmers’ market customers.
Producer Profile // from the Willy Street Co-op

Challenging Chefs With Odd Cuts
New York Times
Examples of farmers that raise excellent quality meats -- and often rare breeds -- on pasture, and restaurants that take them whenever they are available. Although the restaurants are far from depending entirely on these meats, a small revolution is building on their specials menus.
Challenging Chefs with Odd Cuts // from the New York Times