Setting a price for your food product is a challenging but essential part of your marketing plan.

The Essentials of Pricing
Alberta Agriculture, Trade and Rural Development
To set the best price for your product you need to determine the cost of production, develop and cost a marketing plan, plan and cost a distribution strategy, identify the competition and their price and know your customer.
4 pages
668kb PDF // from Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development

Methods to Price Your Product
Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
There are three main methods to price your product: cost based pricing, competition based pricing and customer based pricing. Before you select a pricing method, be sure you understand the range of options available and their disadvantages and advantages. You may want to blend several pricing methods to suit your business and the type of products you sell.
6 pages
680kb PDF // from Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development

Smart Pricing Strategies
Cornell University, Department of Applied Economics and Management (AEM)
One example of the type of marketing articles published in Cornell’s Smart Marketing Newsletters.
5 pages
24kb PDF // from Cornell's Hortmgt Program

Smart Marketing Newsletters 1998 – 2007 Index
Cornell University, AEM and Horticultural Business Management and Marketing Program
Monthly marketing newsletters from Cornell that review the elements critical to successful marketing in the food and agricultural industry.
Smart Marketing Newsletters // from Cornell's Hortmgt Program

Collecting Money From Your Customers (Invoicing)
Farm and Garden
How one market gardener handles invoicing and collection.
Collecting Money from your Customers // Farm and Garden website

Developing a Wholesale Marketing Strategy for Produce in the Mid-Atlantic Region
University of Maryland
For a more detailed discussion of items to include on an invoice look at pages 24-25.
4.1 MB PDF // from the U. of M. College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Pricing section in Marketing Local Food
Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture
This excellent publication introduces the basics of different marketing systems, suggests resources and includes profiles of farmers who are selling farm products directly to consumers via farmers' markets, roadside stands, CSAs, on-farm stores; provides information and profiles about selling indirectly via retail food establishments or food services
Covers value based pricing, price based on cost, retail prices and wholesale market prices on pages 95-98.
Marketing Local Food // from

An enterprise budget is a detailed calculation that takes into account all of the expenses that you will have to produce a product, and provides an estimate of how much profit to expect per unit of product you produce. Enterprise budgeting can help you identify areas where you need to look for ways to cut costs, and can help you decide what volume you need to produce in order to reach the income level that you want from the enterprise.

Iowa Vegetable Production Budgets

Iowa State University Extension
This publication contains enterprise budget templates for 14 fruit or vegetable crops commonly grown for markets.
19 pages
656 kb PDF // from Iowa State Extension

Crop Rotation Budgets from Rutgers
Enterprise Budgets – Planning for Profit
Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, Government of British Columbia
This website links to a variety of enterprise budgets based on Canadian data; fruits, vegetables, herbs, livestock, bees, poultry, value-added processing; small farm and organic options.
Planning for Profit // from

Enterprise Budgets Help Farmers Plan for Profits
Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems (CIAS) University of Wisconsin
This website links to interactive budget templates for pastured poultry, dairy sheep, dairy goat, and specialty foods.
Help Farmers Plan for Profits // from UW-Madison CIAS

Ohio Enterprise Budgets
The Ohio State University
Links to budgets for a variety of enterprises including fruits, vegetables, livestock, Christmas trees, aquaculture, equine.
Ohio Enterprise Budgets // from

Table 19_ Non Bearing Year, 2-3-1
Crop Rotational Budgets for Three Cropping Systems in the Northeastern United States
Rutgers University
This website links to enterprise budgets for a variety of field crops, vegetables, fruits and vegetables under conventional, integrated cropping systems, or organic managements.
Crop Rotational Budgets // from Rutgers University