First and foremost chefs are seeking quality; careful post-harvest procedures will help maintain the freshness of locally grown produce.

Post Harvest Handling article
CSA Harvest and Post-Harvest Handling.
UC Santa Cruz
152 kb PDF // UC-SC Center for Agroecology
Harvest and Post-Harvest Handling of Fruit and Vegetable Crops
Lists relative perishability, desirable harvest quality and optimal storage conditions for several dozen of the most commonly grown fruits and vegetables.
PDF (above) pages 9 – 11, 13 and 15.

A nicely annotated resource list of printed material and web sites that cover post-harvest handling practices for fruits and vegetables.
PDF (above) pages 7 and 8.

Outline of Harvest and Post-Harvest Handling Practices
Succinct overview of when and how to harvest; post-harvest temperature, humidity, packing and storage.
PDF (above) pages 19 and 20.

Vegetable Post Harvest Information List of Publications and Websites
Upper Midwest Organic Farming Conference
An annotated reference list compiled by Atina Diffley from the Gardens of Eagen for a workshop she presented on post harvest handling. This handout includes a sourcing list of supplies and equipment.
Vegetable Post Harvest List of Publications and Websites

Small-Scale Post Harvest Handling Practices – A Manual for Horticultural Crops
UC Davis
An excellent publication that has been placed online by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.
Small-Scale Post Harvest Handling // UN Food and Agriculture