The ultimate goals of packaging produce are easier handling as well as a better quality and better marketable product.

Restaurants are used to dealing with big food suppliers who use time-tested packaging that take these factors into account. Let’s level the playing field.

Containers and Packaging for Fruits and Vegetables
Kansas State University
This is my favorite resource in this category – very informative, nicely organized and well written.
72 kb PDF,12 pages // Kansas State Extension

Produce Packing Guidelines
Pennsylvania Vegetable Marketing and Research Program
A succinct itemization of harvest quality standards, bunch sizes (where appropriate), appropriate container sizes and weights, cooling methods, storage temperatures and relative humidity for the most common vegetables and several fruits.
Produce Packaging Guidelines

Packaging Requirements for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service
Contains specific information about appropriate packaging materials for shipping and storing different fruits and vegetables.
Packaging Requirements