Use this collection of insightful articles to learn how to start and sustain professional collaborations with restaurants.

Direct Marketing to Restaurants outlline
Outline of Direct Marketing to Restaurants
UC Santa Cruz Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems
A concise overview of the rewards, challenges and techniques for cultivating restaurants as a small-scale farm marketing option.
2 pages.
40 kb PDF // from UC-SC Center for Agroecology

The ABC’s of Marketing to Restaurants
The New Farm
Website article detailing what is important to restaurants and tips for success.
The ABC's of Marketing to Restaurants

Direct Marketing to Restaurants
American Small Farm
Personal reflections from a writer who grows and sells farm products to upscale restaurants in Michigan.
2 pages.
Direct Marketing to Restaurants
Aspen Hill Farm directory listing:

How to Approach Potential Buyers

Iowa State University Extension
Describes how to successfully work with buyers and what questions to ask during an initial phone call.
2 pages.
How to Approach Potential Buyers

Local Food Connections – From Farm to Restaurants
Iowa State University Extension
Learn how connecting restaurant managers and chefs with local growers and producers can benefit both parties.
3 pages.
220 kb PDF // from Iowa State University Extension

Wayne Kostka, Castle Rock Dairy
photo Lili Calfee-Miller    
Marketing to Restaurants
North Carolina Extension
This publication covers key components of marketing such as post harvest handling, communication, crop selection, quality, price and payment.
3 pages.
Marketing to Restaurants

Restaurants and Institutional Sales
Iowa State University Extension
Suggestions from a Wisconsin chef and farmer who have successfully worked together. Topics covered include assessing your farm, communication, challenges, and ways to find restaurants.
2 pages.
Restaurants and Institutional Sales

Sales to Restaurants
Sustainable Agriculture Network
Offers examples of several SARE funded projects involving sales to restaurants and itemizes some points to consider when selling to chefs.
2 pages.
Sales to Restaurants

A Systematic Approach to Produce Wholesaling
Maryland Cooperative Extension
Good, basic informational piece for farmers interested in developing retail or foodservice customers for their fresh produce. Includes a nice description of basic selling skills and a description of how to prospect for customers. Includes a one-page form for recording information from each prospective customer.
8 pages.
116 kb PDF // Maryland Cooperative Extension

Selling Directly to Restaurants
UW Cooperative Extension
Be prepared to tell your farm’s story, what types of crops you grow, what your farm practices are, and why your products are better. Know what information to seek when meeting a chef and the importance of clear invoicing.
2 pages.
344 kb PDF // UW Cooperative Extension

SAREP home page
Selling Directly to Restaurants and Retailers
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE)
This on-line document enumerates key elements for creating a successful, entrepreneurial relationship with local restaurants and retailers.
5 pages.
788 kb PDF // from SARE

Selling Local Food to Restaurants and Food Services
Food Circles Networking
Lists questions to ask yourself to determine if you are ready for selling to restaurants.
1 page.
20 kb PDF // from Food Circles Networking

Selling Local Food to Restaurants and Food Service
Dine Alberta
Tips from a Canadian province on how to know if you are ready to approach a restaurant.
2 pages.
24 kb PDF // from Dine Alberta

Servicing High End Restaurants
Western Profiles of Innovative Ag Marketing
Highlights three keys to success used by a Hawaiian farmer – quality, consistency and service.
Approximately 3 pages of text.
1.4 MB PDF // from Value Added Agriculture